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Madison, WI – Later today, Governor Tony Evers will introduce his first state budget proposal. Based on the various provisions that have already been released, Wisconsinites can expect Evers’ budget to be chock full of massive spending increases, tax hikes, and hyper-partisan proposals designed to pander to Evers’ far-left base. During his campaign, Evers ran on the same tax-and-spend liberal policies that put Wisconsin on the wrong track nearly a decade ago. And true to form, in just the short time he’s been governor, Evers has repeatedly demonstrated that he cares more about the interests of his liberal allies than those of Wisconsin families — and his budget will certainly serve as one more example. Here’s a look at some of Evers’ more concerning budget proposals:

  1. Ending School Choice: One of Evers’ most damaging budget proposals would shut the door to a better education for thousands of Wisconsin’s poorest families by undoing expansions to the state’s private school choice programs. Despite the fact that students in choice programs regularly outperform their public-school peers, these programs have been strongly opposed by the state’s teachers unions who have poured over $1.7 million into Evers’ political campaign over the years.[1]
  2. Millions to Planned Parenthood: Evers has pledged to give nearly $28 million in taxpayer money to organizations like Planned Parenthood. This proposal to send more money to the abortion giant comes alongside the announcement that Evers’ pick to lead Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services has named a former Planned Parenthood vice president as the agency’s top deputy.[2]
  3. Tax Increases on Manufacturers & Farmers: Last week Governor Evers vetoed the Republican proposal to reduce taxes on the state’s middle-class families. The bill would have used the existing budget surplus to fund a tax cut that would save the average taxpayer $170 a year. Instead, Evers plans to put out his own proposal which he says will be funded by increasing taxes on Wisconsin’s manufacturers and farmers.[3]
  4. Special Treatment for Illegal Immigrants: Evers’ budget proposes to give an additional $150 million to the University of Wisconsin System. The Governor’s funding boost is intended to allow people who enter the country illegally to pay in-state tuition, provide a pay raise for UW employees, and continue the tuition freeze put in place by Governor Walker.[4]
  5. Expansion of Government Run Healthcare: One of the key tenets of Evers’ budget proposal is his intention to move us one step closer to government-run healthcare through a statewide Medicaid expansion. Evers’ desire to put more people on Medicaid could end up costing families hundreds of millions of dollars and send healthcare premiums skyrocketing.[5]
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