All three of Wisconsin’s House Democrats voted in favor of an impeachment inquiry of President Trump, while all GOP House members opposed the resolution.

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind, D-La Crosse, said he backed Thursday’s resolution because “it is imperative for the House to uncover all of the facts and evidence so that an appropriate remedy can be determined.”

Kind’s office noted he was one of 31 Dems in 1998 who voted to move forward with an impeachment inquiry into then-President Clinton.

“I firmly believe that impeachment should be the last resort, but as a co-equal branch of government, Congress has a constitutional obligation to investigate any misconduct–regardless of political party,” Kind said.

Meanwhile, Republicans slammed the move.

“The rules outlined in today’s resolution fall embarrassingly short of any objective fairness and will further damage the credibility of our institution,” GOP Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner said in a statement on the vote.

Only two Dems voted against the resolution as it cleared the House 232-196 with four members not casting votes. All Republicans voting opposed it.

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