Contact: Lisa Lucas, [email protected]

MILWAUKEE – Wisconsin Voices applauds the Assembly Democrats for prioritizing the restoration of good governance and pro-democracy policies, including redistricting reform, in the new legislative session.

Americans across the political spectrum should be entitled to freely choose their representatives. But in polar opposition to that basic tenet of our democracy, Wisconsin’s current maps were drawn in secret meetings for partisan benefit. When politicians rig the system to keep their own party in power despite the will of the voters, everyone loses.

Across the state, residents know that we need fair maps. The Assembly Democrats’ agenda is a great first step to creating a process for fairness and transparency. We’re excited to work with legislators on both sides of the aisle to ensure that Wisconsin becomes a model for drawing fair and competitive districts.


Wisconsin Voices is a nonpartisan network of 63 organizations working collaboratively on good governance and democracy reform. We envision a Wisconsin where everyone has the means, motivation, and freedom to fully participate in a fair democracy.

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