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MILWAUKEE, Wis. – The Wisconsin Veterans Chamber has awarded Logistics Health Incorporated the Chamber’s first Five Star Employer rating, an honor that recognizes businesses that demonstrate a commitment to hiring, training and retaining veterans, service members and military spouses.

The Five Star Employer rating, part of the Invest in Vets program, recognizes leaders in the Wisconsin veterans business community. To “earn stars,” businesses must adopt veteran, veteran family, and veteran-spouse supporting policies and procedures in the areas of hiring, internal support, continuing education, and community involvement.

Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI) is the first business to reach the necessary criteria to be awarded the Five Star Employer rating. Through robust hiring and training programs focused on recruiting and retaining veterans, service members and military spouses, LHI has proven a model recipient of Invest in Vets’ top honor.

“The Five Star Employer rating is a recognition that a business is not only committed to recruiting veterans, service members and military spouses, but also willing to go the extra mile to train and retain this highly skilled workforce,” said Saul Newton, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce. “By meeting and exceeding the Five Star criteria, LHI has set the bar high as the first recipient of this rating.”

LHI’s Five Star rating is demonstrated both in hiring practices, retention efforts and an ongoing commitment to improving company culture for veterans and their families. Hosting various events each year to attract, hire and retain military-affiliated candidates, LHI is constantly looking for ways to support veterans.

Beyond recruiting, LHI has also demonstrated a commitment to retaining veterans and improving their work life through quarterly social outings and volunteer events while also offering resources to service members, veterans and their families. Additionally, LHI and employees volunteer with and support many veteran organizations and nonprofits.

To help improve company culture, LHI created the Military and Veterans Advisory Board (MVAB), a committee that offers resources, camaraderie, social events and volunteer opportunities for employees who are service members, veterans, military family members and supporters. The goal of MVAB is to increase veteran, service member and military spouse engagement, participate in outreach efforts that support local veteran and military family populations, serve as LHI representatives at events honoring or supporting veterans, service members and military families and actively research and pursue recruiting opportunities.

Additionally, LHI has formal policy that supports National Guard and Reserve Service member employees with a military deployment leave policy. Employees deployed to a theatre receive the full normal base pay from the time of deployment until the return from combat, regardless of the length of service. If an employee is deployed or called to active duty at a non-combat zone, the company will compensate the individual for any reduction in their normal base pay, excluding overtime and other differentials, while on that leave for up to one year.

Offering remote work, flex time and part-time options, LHI also provides accommodations for military spouses, working with spouses to provide time off to be with their loved ones before or after deployments or orders.

These efforts to attract and retain veterans have paid off in growing LHI’s veteran, service member and military spouse employee population, a highly skilled and sought after sect of the workforce. In the past four years, LHI has quadrupled in size from 400 employees to more than 2,200, maintaining an approximate 12 percent employee population of service members, veterans and military spouses during this time, with an overall company goal of 20 percent.

To learn more about Invest in Vets and the Five Star Employer rating, visit this website.

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