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Senator Jon Erpenbach
(608) 266-6670
Senate President Roger Roth
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Representative Michael Schraa
(608) 267-7990
Representative Debra Kolste
(608) 266-7503

[Madison, WI] Senator Jon Erpenbach (D–Middleton), Senate President Roger Roth (R–
Appleton), Representative Michael Schraa (R–Oshkosh), and Representative Debra Kolste (D–Janesville) introduced legislation to reform the pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) industry by establishing price transparency requirements, requirements on PBM contracts, and regulating PBM registration.

“Wisconsinites should be able to get their prescriptions where they choose. Many have
established relationships with their pharmacist, and want to be able to get their life-saving
medications from someone they trust. Mail order pharmacies are a great option for many, but those who choose local pharmacies shouldn’t be punished with higher costs because of it. Our legislation requires an adequate network of pharmacies for people to choose from,” said Sen. Erpenbach.

“Our legislation provides greater transparency of PBM practices, in an effort to reduce
prescription drug costs,” said Sen. Roth. “With our bill we prohibit gag clauses, a measure PBMs put in place preventing pharmacists from giving lower-cost options to patients, and co-pay clawbacks to ensure Wisconsinites are not overpaying for the actual cost of the drug.”

“The primary job of a pharmacy benefit manager is to make sure patients get the medications they need at the best possible price. Prescription drug costs are rising all across the nation, so over 30 states have passed or are working on similar reforms,” said Rep. Schraa.

“The high price of prescription drugs is something we as legislators hear on almost a weekly basis from constituents,” said Rep. Kolste. “We need to be confident that PBMs are not abusing their position in the marketplace as middlemen and are acting in the best interest of their clients and patients.”

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