We’ve put together short, easy-to-understand summaries that explain the effect that Governor Evers’ budget would have on Wisconsin families with regards to K-12 education, immigration communities, and higher education.

K-12 education: Governor Evers has proposed a budget that significantly increases resources for Wisconsin’s public schools, targets additional resources at identified needs, tweaks the funding formula that determines how most state support for public schools is delivered, and increases transparency and accountability. Read our budget summary for K-12 education.

Immigrant Communities:  The budget would remove barriers to driver licenses for undocumented immigrants, allow undocumented students to qualify for in-state tuition at the University of Wisconsin or a technical college, and provide additional resources for bilingual services in K-12 schools. Read our budget summary of immigrant issues.

Higher education: Governor Evers has proposed a budget that increases resources for higher education, addresses maintenance needs, and makes college more affordable. Read our budget summary for higher education.

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