Contact: August McGinnity-Wake, Campaign Manager

608-444-0671, [email protected]

Today, Democrat Gina Walkington officially declared her candidacy for the 64th Wisconsin State Assembly District in this spring’s anticipated special election.

Gina is a longtime resident of Bristol, Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband, three sons, and their dog. As a mother, Gina has always been an advocate for her kids. When her oldest son started school, she was elected to the PTA where she made meaningful change by working together with school administrators, educators, and district families. Gina again saw an opportunity to make meaningful change in her community after the 2016 election; she co-founded Forward Kenosha, a grassroots organization dedicated to progressive change.

Above all else, Gina has been a dedicated defender of access to safe and affordable health care. When she received a preventative screening at Planned Parenthood, early signs of cervical cancer were detected. The screening saved Gina’s life and allowed her to be treated early and live a cancer-free life. She shared her experience and advocated for health care access when she testified in front of the U.S. Senate committee on health. Gina went on to continue her health care advocacy as a community organizer for Planned Parenthood.

Gina would be the first woman elected in the 64th district and her addition to the Assembly would, for the first time in history, make the Democratic caucus majority women.

Gina Walkington released the following statement to regarding the announcement of her candidacy:

“As a mother, activist, and organizer I have always been committed to creating meaningful change. Now I’m ready to bring my advocacy to the Wisconsin State Assembly where I’ll work every day to create meaningful change for Wisconsin families. I want to thank Peter Barca for his many years of service to the 64th district, and I look forward to meeting and hearing the concerns of voters in the coming weeks and months.”

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