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Yesterday, Foxconn announced it no longer plans to build LCD screens at its Mount Pleasant site and is instead shifting to focus on research and engineering. Republicans promised Wisconsinites good-paying manufacturing jobs at a state-of-the-art Foxconn facility. It was made clear yesterday that they were wrong.

Gina Walkington, candidate for State Assembly in the 64th District, released the following statement:

“I’ve had concerns about the Foxconn deal from the beginning. I hoped they would deliver. I hoped that residents of the 64th District would have the opportunity for good-paying manufacturing jobs. Foxconn made a promise to Wisconsinites, and they’ve broken that promise. We need to salvage what is left of this deal – particularly holding Foxconn accountable on their promise to create local jobs and accessible job training for local workers – but we need to recognize Foxconn is no longer negotiating in good faith.”

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