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— Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has ordered Paula Hincapie, a DACA recipient and mother, to report for a check-in with ICE on Wednesday at 9am at the ICE office at 101 West Ida B. Wells Parkway in Chicago. Paula is the daughter of Carlos and Betty Rendón, asylum-seekers from Colombia who were detained by ICE last Wednesday in Racine. Betty Rendón is a student pastor at Emaus Lutheran Church in Racine. ICE also detained the Rendóns’ uncle, who was staying with the family. None of the family have a criminal record and Paula is currently a DACA recipient. Prior to the check-in, Paula will hold a press conference with Voces de la Frontera, her attorney Christopher Elmore, and representatives of Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, where her mother is a doctoral student, to urge ICE to not deport her parents and to not separate her from her 5-year-old daughter. Under the Trump Administration, ICE has commonly detained people at check-ins like this one.

The detention of the Rendóns follows news reports that the Trump Administration was considering a plan to detain whole families of recently arrived asylum-seekers across the country. While the reports concluded that the plans had been abandoned, the arrest of the Rendón family suggests that the Administration is specifically targeting families seeking asylum.

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