Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, knocked Democratic Gov. Tony Evers for “playing politics” by calling a special session on new gun legislation that he knew Republicans would not support.

“I think there is an opportunity for us to find common ground, but again, you don’t start with ideas that are principally based in what your opponents can never do,” Vos said in an interview aired Sunday on “UpFront,” produced in partnership with

“And I think that’s what Gov. Evers keeps doing. He keeps putting ideas out there knowing Republicans cannot support those, because it’s all about politics to him, and I think that’s really kind of a sad commentary on where he wants our state to go,” Vos said.

Republicans last Thursday gaveled in and seconds later gaveled out of the special session. Evers had called on Republicans to take up bills on universal background checks and extreme risk protection orders as a response to gun violence.

Also on the program, Glendale Mayor Bryan Kennedy said his experience in the city would help him lead Milwaukee County if he is elected county executive.

Kennedy last week announced his bid to succeed Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

Kennedy said as mayor he has faced fiscal challenges, guiding the city to pay down $100 million in development debt.

“We’ve had so much so much success in the last four and a half years that this year we actually lowered our property tax rate 13 percent,” Kennedy said.

He said as county executive he would work with mayors and village presidents to bring more investment to the county.

“Milwaukee is a hopping, happening place right now. The eyes are on this city and this county in 2020 with the DNC coming here, and I see a lot of great opportunities to reach out to national and international businesses and help them, encourage them to locate here,” he said.

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