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Washington, DC—
Today, the House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution to fund the government through Dec. 20 that also included a repeal of a $7.6 billion rescission currently scheduled to hit states—including Wisconsin—beginning in July 2020. Without this repeal, Wisconsin would have lost more than $140 million in highway funding. Last week, Rep. Ron Kind signed a bipartisan letter urging Congressional leaders to protect this funding, as did Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers. 

Rep. Ron Kind released the following statement after today’s vote:

“I’m happy that we were able to ensure that Wisconsin will be able to keep this much needed federal funding to continue improving our state’s crumbling roads, but this isn’t how Congress should keep legislating and budgeting,” said Rep. Ron Kind.“It’s fiscally irresponsible for us to have our government—and especially our military—work on short term budgets. We need a long-term plan. The House did its job and passed appropriations months ago, it’s time for the Senate to do their job. With a deficit close to a trillion dollars this year, we need to have a plan to get our fiscal house back in order and address these historically high deficits.”

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