Contact: Jordan Dunn

 – Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) yesterday introduced H.R. 5145, the Promoting Women in Trucking Workforce Act. This bill would direct the administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to establish a “Women of Trucking Advisory Board” tasked with identifying barriers to entry for women in the trucking industry. The advisory board would also be required to work across organizations and companies to coordinate formal education and training programs and help identify and establish training and mentorship programs for women in the industry. Sens. Moran (R-KS) and Baldwin (D-WI) introduced companion legislation in the U.S. Senate. Click here for bill text.

“Although women make up nearly half of our country’s workforce, they represent less than 10% of truck drivers across the country,” said Rep. Gallagher. “Small businesses across Northeast Wisconsin rely on a healthy trucking industry to ship their goods, and as trucking companies struggle to find and retain workers, it’s critical we learn why women have been greatly underrepresented in this industry. I’m proud to introduce this bill which takes steps to examine ways we can address this problem, expand opportunities for women, and strengthen the trucking industry’s workforce.”

“Congressman Gallagher has been a true supporter of our efforts to bring more women into transportation careers.  He even took the time to better understand the challenges and opportunities for female drivers by going for a ride with one of our members.  We look forward to moving this legislation forward to further our mission,” said Ellen Voie, President/CEO of Women In Trucking Association.

Women currently make up 47 percent of the United States’ labor force, yet represent 24 percent of America’s trucking workforce and only about 8 percent of drivers. This legislation is supported by the Women in Trucking Association and the American Trucking Association.

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