Sen. Steve Nass (608) 266-2635

      Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) issued the following statement in response to new ideas for increased state government spending, at taxpayer expense, being floated in Madison.  These spending ideas have come from the new administration, special interests and members of the legislature:

     “The assault on taxpayers’ wallets is underway in Madison.  In recent days, there have been ideas floated to increase spending on K-12 education, transportation, medical assistance, corrections, state employee wages, local governments, state agencies and dozens of other programs. 

      Already, there is excited chatter in the hallways of the Capitol with ways to increase revenues for the state and local governments through all forms of taxation including income, sales, gasoline and property taxes.  Not even to mention the inevitable push to increase existing state and local user fees and likely requests for new fees.  

     Let me state clearly there is no fiscal basis for increasing the burden on taxpayers.  State finances are solid with growing revenues from natural economic growth and reasonable levels of spending already in place for high priority state programs.  There is not a crisis of needs to be met, but instead a push for massive spending increases on the wants of special interests.

      I am calling on conservative legislators to stand firm in the defense of the taxpayers of this great state and continue our efforts to force state and local governments to control spending.”

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