Madison – State Senator Dan Feyen (R- Fond du Lac) released the following statement regarding five workforce development bills introduced today:

“Due to the tight nature of Wisconsin’s workforce and a record 10 straight months at 3% unemployment, I’m proposing this package of bills to help job creators attract, retain, and train talent.”

The following bills were introduced:

19-0203: Allows a person to claim a tax credit of $2,500 for each paid intern they employ. 

19-0206: Allows the Department of Workforce Development to award grants to nonprofit organizations and institutions of higher education for upskilling unemployed workers, underemployed workers, and incumbent employees and also to provide micro-credentials to such individuals.

19-0235: Requires the Department of Workforce Development to allocate at least $7,000,000 in each fiscal year for career and technical education incentive grants to school districts.

19-0300: Requires the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and the office of economic development within the UW System to jointly award grants to businesses for legal, human resources, and staff training expenses related to beginning an internship program.

19-0393: Creates a program administered by the Arts Board to award grants to businesses that work to promote job creation, economic development, arts education, workforce training and development, or production of products or services that have an origin in artistic, cultural, creative, or aesthetic content.

For more information regarding these bills contact [email protected] or (608)266-5300.

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