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Madison–State Representative John Nygren (R-Marinette), Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Finance released the following statement:

“I am disappointed with Governor Evers’ decision to reverse course on one of his campaign
promises and deny a tax cut for nearly two million middle-class Wisconsin families. A typical family in Wisconsin would have seen an estimated $300 in tax relief per year.”

“Governor Evers preaches working together but his actions are nothing short of divisiveness. Even though he knows Republicans will never agree to it, the Governor seems determined to raise taxes on our struggling agriculture industry and thousands of manufacturers. The state has $2.4 billion in funding available for the next budget which is the most in at least the last 20 years. There is no need to raise taxes.”

The middle-class tax cut would have provided $340 million per year in additional tax relief
targeted to individuals making $100,000 or less and families making $150,000 or less. A
household with median income, filing jointly would have seen a nearly 20-percent reduction in tax liability, which equates to $306 per year. Under the plan, by increasing the standard
deduction, 75-percent of the tax cut would have benefited filers with incomes between $30,000 and $100,000. The proposal was paid for with the Republican budget surplus and did not increase the state’s GAAP deficit.

“Why would we mess with success? Wisconsin is headed in the right direction and Governor
Evers seems determined to reverse that. Wisconsin has had a streak of record low unemployment, growing wages, and budget surpluses thanks in part to the good stewardship of Republicans over the last eight years.”

Contrary to his claims, the Governor’s tax plan was not paid for. In fact, it was off by $350
million from being cost neutral, while at the same time raising taxes on business owners and farmers in every corner of Wisconsin by over half a billion dollars.

“The Governor’s action today sends a clear message to every Wisconsinite: the bipartisanship message he preached during his campaign was nothing more than a smokescreen. Instead of pitting employers and employees against each other, Governor Evers should be uniting Wisconsin.”

“I strongly encourage Governor Evers to rethink his decision so we can deliver a sustainable tax cut for the hardworking people of Wisconsin.”

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