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Madison – Yesterday evening, Governor Tony Evers issued his inaugural State of the State
Address to a joint session of the legislature. Representative Rick Gundrum (R-Slinger) released the following statement in response to the Governor’s remarks:

I am glad Governor Evers was provided with the opportunity to articulate his vision for the next four years in Wisconsin state government. I remain committed to working with the Governor and his administration on the issues where genuine compromise can be found. Rectifying the shortfalls in our property tax assessment system, combating the opioid and heroin crises, and alleviating the tax burden for middle-class families and small businesses are just a few of the examples that come to mind.

Nevertheless, we will have to fundamentally agree to disagree on a number of topics. While we will all have to grow accustomed to working through divided government, I don’t believe it’s fair for Governor Evers to diminish the successes of the last eight years. I also do not believe there’s any reason we should deviate from restoring accountability in the
administrative state, holding the line on taxes, finding efficiencies in state and local government programs, and facilitating the creation of high-quality jobs across all sectors.

The numbers speak for themselves. An unemployment rate that has remained consistently at or below three percent. A labor force participation rate amongst the highest in the Midwest and well above the national average. The fourth-lowest poverty rate in the country. And finally, wage growth that recently exceeded five percent year over year.
I will continue to advocate for my constituents in the State Capitol and support the measures that keep Wisconsin moving in the right direction.

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