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Madison- Rep. Barbara Dittrich (R-Oconomowoc) today was part of a Republican Assembly Press Conference reasserting life as a fundamental right under the constitution and that she is committed to protecting life of every age, stage, and ability.

“Prior to my election I served in the chronic illness, disability, and special needs community for sixteen years”, said Rep. Dittrich. She also states that she is coming at this from a position of compassion for all because there can be so much fear involved in pregnancy.
Now we are about to have thousands of volunteers come together this weekend for beautiful proms for the disabled and those with special needs. We will celebrate them and treat them with the honor and dignity they so deserve. These attendees are remarkable for how they change each of us. Rep. Dittrich goes on to say, “I cannot in good conscience ever support terminating the lives of such a wonderful group of individuals either in the third trimester or shortly after birth. We are human BEINGS, not human doings. Third trimester abortion robs all of us of the value each human intrinsically holds.”

Here is the link to the Press conference:

Life is a fundamental right under the Constitution. Assembly Republicans are committed to protecting life.

Posted by Wisconsin Assembly Republicans on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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