Contact: Rep. Barbara Dittrich                                                                                      (608) 266-8551

Madison – Rep. Barbara Dittrich (R-Oconomowoc) today unveiled a major new initiative allowing Wisconsin families to keep more of their hard-earned money. Using the state’s budget surplus which has been developed over eight years of sound budgeting, the proposal delivers $340 million in tax relief for middle class families.

“Thanks to our state’s strong budget surplus provided by the previous administration and the GOP legislature, we’re able to continue lowering the tax burden on working families,” said Rep. Dittrich.

In the last week, Rep. Dittrich and her Assembly colleagues offered ways to work collaboratively with the new governor in a joint letter. The GOP representatives discussed a series of issues during a joint caucus meeting this week with Mr. Evers. The proposal unveiled today delivers on a shared priority and is another illustration of bipartisanship this legislative session.

The proposed tax reductions are targeted to individuals making less than $100,000 and families earning $150,000 or less. The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau projects the median income family filing jointly would see a $310 reduction in net taxes.

“This is great news for working families in Wisconsin,” said Dittrich. “I’m hoping that this proposal is just one of the many ways we can work together to ensure our state can move forward and grow during this new era of divided government.”

Assembly Republicans are working with the Senate to finalize the legislation, which could be introduced as early as next week. Once approved, the tax cut would take effect next year.

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