Governor Tony Evers 115 East State Capitol Madison, WI 53703

Re: Governor’s Committee on Correctional Facilities

Dear Governor Evers,

We, as legislative members of the Governor’s Committee on Correctional Facilities, are writing to request that you swiftly announce your appointments of your three designated members to the committee, one of whom is designated as the chair,

2017 Act 59 created the Governor’s Committee on Correctional Facilities. The committee is charged with developing a comprehensive, long-range master plan regarding the Department of Corrections facilities, We were tasked with evaluating existing correctional facilities and their ability to adapt to current and future pressures and identify solutions.

Since creation of the committee, members have spent a significant amount of time reviewing and touring current Department of Corrections facilities, understanding inmate populations and learning about current educational and vocational programs offered to individuals housed in state institutions. The committee has made significant progress towards developing our plan since implementation of 2017 Act 59. Without the appointment of your members, specifically an individual designated as our chair, our work is put on hold and the delivery of a long-range master plan is delayed.

We respectfully request that you announce your appointments of your statutorily granted members to the committee and designate one as the committee’s chair. An absence of these members creates a delay in our mission.

We look forward to receiving a response regarding your appointments and when members of the committee should expect to convene again.


Rep. Mark Born

Rep. Michael Schraa

Rep. David Steffen

Sen. Dan Feyen

Sen. Van Wangaard

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