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MADISON – Today, Governor Tony Evers announced his plan to close the dark store loophole in the 2019-2020 biennial budget.  The loophole currently allows big box retailers to base their tax assessments on their value as a vacant store rather than a store in operation. This saves corporate retailers millions of dollars unfairly and shifts the property tax burden to homeowners and small businesses. Representative Jimmy Anderson (D-Fitchburg) released the following statement in response.

“Local governments, communities, and homeowners across the state have asked us to fix the dark store loophole and provide them relief from the costly legal fights against well-funded national retailers. In Dane County, over 90% of voters supported closing the dark store loophole in a referendum last Fall. The people are frustrated because nearly 60 municipalities have already been forced to provide large tax refunds to big-box stores because of the dark store loophole. In Monona, Walmart has sued to reduce its property tax bill by $433,000, which would saddle hardworking Wisconsinites in my district with unfair increases in their property taxes.

“This is why I fully support Governor Evers’ announced plan to end this unfair tax break. I am proud to work side by side with the Governor to restore equity to our tax code and put Wisconsin families first. I have been fighting to close this loophole since I was elected and I’m thrilled that Governor Evers is making this issue a priority.”

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