“This suit is only an attempt to confuse voters and muddy the waters about this overwhelmingly bipartisan and popular proposed constitutional amendment to protect the rights of crime victims.

If they were serious about their suit, they would have filed when the proposed cleared the Legislature with the support of 109 of 132 legislators, rather than weeks before the question is placed on the ballot. Rather than try to win at the ballot box, they are trying to prevent voters from showing their support for Wisconsin’s victims of crime. These are not “good government groups” as they claim. These are perhaps the only three groups in Wisconsin who oppose Marsy’s Law for Wisconsin

It is important to note that the question on the ballot was drafted by the nonpartisan legal experts at the Legislative Reference Bureau.  This suit is an attack on the Legislature, the hundreds of stakeholders in the criminal justice system that support Marsy’s Law and, most importantly, the brave survivors who have been pushing to add these rights to the Constitution to protect future victims

I am confident that Wisconsin courts will be see this suit as the waste of time it is, and that voters will be supporting equal rights for crime victims in April.”

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