[Madison, WI]  On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald’s office was briefed by federal investigators from the National Guard Bureau Office of Complex Investigations reviewing the Wisconsin National Guard’s handling of sexual assault and harassment allegations. As he continues to review the report of their investigation, Fitzgerald released the following statement:

“Since last November, when I was first contacted by a solider, my primary concern has been justice and support for victims. It is now the duty of the governor, the new leadership at the Wisconsin National Guard, and the National Guard Bureau to implement the recommended reforms and ensure that the brave men and women serving our state can serve without fear of harassment or reprisals.

“Fixing this will not happen overnight. It is paramount that this type of behavior does not continue in the future. I will keep monitoring this issue closely as both the Wisconsin National Guard and National Guard Bureau examine how Wisconsin can fix its system for handling sexual harassment and assault.”

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