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Madison, WI…Today Representative Shannon Zimmerman (R-River Falls) joined his Republican colleagues in announcing their plan to cut middle class taxes. The plan builds off the successes over the last eight years and fulfills a campaign promise to return surplus tax revenues.

“As your representative, I am accountable to the taxpayers,” said Rep. Zimmerman. “I applaud Governor Evers for wanting to cut taxes and, because of our past prudent fiscal management, we have more than enough money to return to hardworking citizens and their families.”

The proposed plan of the Assembly Republican has $340 million in targeted tax relief for individuals making less than $100,000 and families making $150,000 or less (the GOP plan would help nearly 2 million filers). However, where Governor Evers would raise taxes on farmers and manufacturers to pay for the cut, Rep. Zimmerman wants to see the money come from the $588.5 million surplus from last session’s budget.

Under the proposed plan, the standard deduction would increase for single taxpayers from $10,860 to $13,360 and for families from $20,110 to $24,740 in 2020 tax year. The nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau projects the median income family filing jointly would see a $310 reduction in net taxes

“I’m proud to have made government more efficient, which means more money in your pockets” said Rep. Zimmerman. “I hope Governor Evers moves swiftly on this proposal and shows the people of Wisconsin that divided government does not mean ineffectual government.”

Shannon Zimmerman represents the 30th Assembly District which includes parts of St. Croix and Pierce Counties.

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