Contact: Rep. Tyler Vorpagel, (608) 266-8530

Madison- State Representative Tyler Vorpagel (R-Plymouth) issued the following after Governor Evers’ first State of the State Address:

“I am happy to say that the state of our state is still strong today. In 2010 Republicans took over with a $3.6 billion deficit and 8.1% unemployment. Today we are projected to end our 2017-19 budget with a surplus of $588.5 million and have had 3% or below unemployment for 11 months. Property taxes were lower in 2018 than they were in 2010 on the average Wisconsin home, and the tax burden hasn’t been this low in 50 years. We did all of this while growing our rainy day fund to the largest in the history of the State of Wisconsin.

“Over the past eight years, Republicans have cut taxes by more than $8 billion by responsible budgeting. We agree with Governor Evers that it’s time for a middle-class tax cut. Last week we unveiled our Middle Class Tax Cut proposal. We want to work with the Governor to provide tax relief and give people their money back.

“Because of our decisions in past budgets, we are able to continue to put money into our K-12 schools. Last session we increased state aid by over $634 million, and I look forward to continue investing in our students.

“While our new Governor and I may disagree on some things, I believe our job creation, budget surpluses, lower property taxes, investment in K-12 education and low unemployment rates are strong indicators that Wisconsin’s economy is in great shape.”

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