Contact: Representative Robyn Vining

MADISON – Following Governor Evers’ State of the State address, Representative Robyn Vining (D-Wauwatosa) released the following statement:

“Governor Tony Evers has made it clear that he wants to make our state work for everyone. He knows that the only way to get things done is to work together. I echo his call to find common ground so we can achieve these goals.”

“Gov. Evers has shown his willingness to work with both sides to find common sense solutions to the issues the people of Wisconsin face.”

“Gov. Evers knows the importance of expanding access to affordable and high quality healthcare, and that starts with ensuring protections for people with pre-existing conditions.”

“With Gov. Evers’ lifelong commitment to education, it’s clear that our kids will now have the opportunities that they deserve – that’s exciting.”

“Gov. Evers is ready to address Wisconsin’s transportation crisis. He realizes we must take care of our roads and bridges to ensure that Wisconsinites can safely and effectively live their lives.”

“Gov. Evers knows that our criminal justice system needs crucial reform so that the people of this state have a fair chance to rehabilitate while also guaranteeing the safety of our citizens.”

“As a former science teacher, Gov. Evers recognizes that we must protect our environment and our state’s precious natural resources, ensuring access to clean air and water for all to enjoy.”

“I look forward to working with Governor Evers to get things done for Wisconsin. Forward together.”

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