Contact: Rep. Jim Steineke
(608) 266-2418

– Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) offered testimony in support of a bill he authored that utilizes a budget surplus, created through eight years of responsible budgeting and a growing economy, to cut taxes for the middle class. The Assembly Committee on Ways and Means held a joint public hearing with the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Revenue and Financial Institutions on the legislation, Assembly Bill 4. Rep. Steineke released the following statement regarding the bill:

“Testifying in favor of the Middle Class Tax Cut bill is just one way I am following through on promises. I said I would work to find middle ground with our new governor; this bill accomplishes a goal he campaigned on. I said I would protect taxpayer money; this bill puts surplus dollars back in the pockets of hard-working families. I said I would continue moving our economy forward; this bill provides crucial tax relief without burdening our state’s farmers and small business owners.

“Today’s public hearing amplified the voices from hard-working families across the state that are excited about extra money for groceries, bills, college savings, and more. In short, this bill is a no-brainer. A tax cut for middle-class Wisconsin families should be a bipartisan issue. I look forward to seeing my colleagues on both sides of the aisle support this bill and our middle class.”

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