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Rep. Snyder votes in favor of Assembly Bill 1, protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions

Madison… Today Representative Patrick Snyder (Schofield) voted in favor of creating state level protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions. Following the vote on Assembly Bill (AB) 1, Representative Snyder made the following statement:

“This is an incredibly important issue, which is why I joined as a co-sponsor of the legislation. I am pleased that many of my Assembly colleagues and Assembly leadership feel the same way. Ensuring that this legislation was Assembly Bill 1, that it was promptly heard in committee, and that it was the first legislation that the Assembly acted on, shows our commitment to those in our community that have pre-existing conditions, and their loved ones.”

Assembly Bill 1 was introduced by Rep. Peterson (R-Waupaca) and Sen. Jacque (R-DePere) in January; it was co-sponsored by 63 members of the State Assembly and Senate, including Rep. Snyder. As amended, the bill defines pre-existing conditions and makes it illegal for any insurance company to use a pre-existing condition in deciding (1) whether an individual will be eligible for health insurance, (2) what services will be covered under an individual’s health insurance plan, and (3) the rates that an individual will pay for health insurance and coverage. Following discussions with Governor Evers, the legislation also prohibits annual and lifetime caps on coverage. The legislation passed out of the Committee on Health last week with a vote of 12-3, with three democratic members voting against the bill. The measure passed 76-19 with bipartisan support. All 19 members that voted against the bill were democratic members.

“Regardless of what happens at the federal level, Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions deserve to be treated fairly, so I was proud to support this legislation today,” Rep. Snyder added. “While I agree that there is more to discuss regarding healthcare, we need to promptly establish these basic protections. It is crucial that the Senate act rapidly and that Governor Evers sign the bill.”

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