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Madison… Yesterday, following Governor Evers’ State of the State Address to the Wisconsin State Legislature, Representative Patrick Snyder (Schofield) made the following statement:

“Following years of positive reforms, Wisconsin is strong. Our economy is performing well, Wisconsin families have more money in their pockets due to billions in tax cuts, and our state finances are in order. Unemployment has remained at 3% or below for 11 months straight, we are seeing a record number of people working, incomes are up and poverty is down, and the state has the largest rainy day fund in history. We must continue on the positive path that Wisconsin is on; we can’t revert to billion dollar tax hikes, budget shortfalls and high unemployment rates.

“While Governor Evers chose to downplay important metrics like job growth, reduced tax burden, health care quality, and quality of life, it is undisputable that these are positive indicators for the state of the state. I am disappointed that Governor Evers neglected to address three of Wisconsin’s largest industries: tourism, which is up nearly 40% since 2011; manufacturing, of which Wisconsin is a national leader in job growth; and agriculture, which faces major challenges going forward that we will need to address together.

“I was, however, encouraged by Governor Evers’ commitment to following through on his promise to provide tax cuts to middle class families. Using the recently announced budget surplus, due to years of prudent fiscal management, Assembly republicans announced a plan that will provide millions of dollars in tax cuts without raising taxes on local farms and businesses. I look forward to working with my colleagues and the administration to ensure that we deliver a break to Wisconsin’s hark-working families, while holding other taxpayers harmless.

“Despite the negative rhetoric that we heard tonight, the state of our state is good and we must work together to continue improving it. Wisconsin deserves our cooperation and perseverance to continue moving our state forward, and I am excited to get to work doing just that.”

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