Rep. Kevin Petersen, 608-266-3794

Madison…Rep. Kevin Petersen (R-Waupaca) focuses on the Pre-Existing Condition Guaranteed Coverage Act in the Weekly Radio Address for Wisconsin State Republicans.

Hello, I am State Representative Kevin Petersen;

Approximately 1 out of 6 people in Wisconsin has a pre-existing condition and just about everybody knows somebody living with one. Whether that person is your family or extended family, friend, colleague, or neighbor; a pre-existing condition should not affect their ability to purchase healthcare.

That is why I co-authored Assembly Bill 1, the Pre-Existing Condition Guaranteed Coverage Act. To ensure that no matter what happens at the national level, here in Wisconsin our residents won’t be denied access to life-saving treatment or necessary healthcare just because of challenges they’ve already faced or continue to deal with in their health history.

I look forward to a bi-partisan vote in the legislature, so whether you live in an apartment in the city, a farm in rural Wisconsin, or a home in any small town, village, or suburb; everyone has access to high quality affordable healthcare.

To learn more about the Pre-Existing Condition Guaranteed Coverage Act, visit the legislature’s website at Thanks for listening!”

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