Contact: Rep. Scott Krug, (608)266-0215

Madison…State Representative Scott Krug (R- Nekoosa) issued the following statement regarding the vote in the State Assembly regarding why covering pre-existing conditions is important to:

“My wife and I have six kids between us. Like thousands of other Wisconsin families we experience a lot of the health conditions that would be considered pre existing conditions. From autism to asthma to mental health concerns we find this fight to protect those with pre existing conditions a very personal fight. If my family is experiencing this I know thousands of other families are going through the same. It’s my intention to make sure that the focus can stay on health and recovery, not finances. No family should be denied coverage or worry about annual or lifetime caps on insurance.”

The Assembly Bill passed on a bipartisan vote and includes the protections for hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites to ensure their pre existing condition would not cause them the inability to obtain insurance. The bill was amended to include an idea requested by Governor Evers ending caps on annual and lifetime limits on health insurance coverage. In the day and age of split government it is inspiring to see ideas from both sides included in good public policy to benefit the residents of our great state.

Click here to view the video of  Rep. Krug and other Assembly Republican legislators sharing their stories with pre-existing conditions.

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