Contact: Rep. Cody Horlacher

Madison, WI—Rep. Cody Horlacher (R-Mukwonago) was in attendance this evening as Governor Tony Evers shared his plan for the future of Wisconsin during the annual State of the State Address.

“I would like to congratulate Governor Evers in delivering his first State of the State speech,” said Rep. Horlacher. “I look forward to working with him as well as my legislative colleagues over this next legislative session to bring forth legislation that is in the best interest of not only my constituents but Wisconsinites across the state. Governor Evers brought up a variety of issues facing Wisconsinites tonight. While we may not agree on the same course of action, I believe we are striving for the same solutions on many of the issues outlined.”

“It is imperative to hold the line on property taxes for individuals living on a fixed income across the state. I will continue to work to find ways to achieve this end goal. Additionally, while we agree on structural funding on infrastructure needs, I believe we have work to do on how we get there.”

“I look forward to finding ways to work alongside this Administration on other issues such as regulation reform, licensing, and addressing representation gaps in court systems. Among other things, I will continue to always fight for the rights of the unborn as well as those of lawful gun owners.”

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