Rep Gary Hebl, 608-266-7678

MADISON –Rep. Gary Hebl (D-Sun Prairie) released the following statement regarding Governor Tony Evers’ first State of the State address to the people of Wisconsin.

Tonight Governor Evers laid out a strong vision to lead Wisconsin forward. The governor was clear in his desire to find common ground with both parties to craft bipartisan solutions to the issues facing our state. We must focus on what the people of Wisconsin need, instead of handouts to corporations and the wealthy. I am excited to be able to work with the Evers Administration to help support public schools, affordable health care, and ensure a safe, clean environment for all Wisconsin families.

Wisconsin faces significant challenges ahead. Solutions might not come easy. Bipartisan solutions will be necessary. Under Governor Evers’ leadership, I am optimistic that we will be able to return to the values that residents of Wisconsin share and reexamine the priorities of our state government. Based on conversation with the governor as well as the content of his speech tonight, I am confident that Governor Evers is going to put people before the powerful and once again give a voice to the everyday Wisconsinites of our great state.

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