CONTACT: Rep. Mary Felzkowski, 608-266-7694

Madison, WI – Representative Felzkowski (R-Irma) joined her colleagues in the Wisconsin State Assembly in voting in favor of legislation Tuesday afternoon that would protect health insurance coverage for the one in six individuals living with pre-existing conditions in Wisconsin.

Assembly Bill (AB) 1 ensures that all three elements of pre-existing condition protections would remain in place for Wisconsin residents regardless of changes at the national level. The bill would specifically prevent insurance companies from denying someone a policy because they have a pre-existing condition, refusing to cover services that people need to treat a pre-existing condition, or charging a higher premium based on a person’s health status.

“I’m proud that one of my first votes this session was to protect Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions. This is a promise we made to our constituents, a promise I truly believe in. I’ve spent most of my life helping families purchase their insurance and I know this issue is incredibly important in my district and across the state.”

In addition to protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions, the bill removes lifetime caps on insurance claims, guaranteeing you can’t outspend your policy.

“I supported this bill as a co-sponsor, a member of the Health Committee, and a rural representative, because I believe this marks the perfect balance between making sure those with pre-existing conditions never have to worry about being covered and assuring health insurance can remain affordable for all.”

Representative Felzkowski joined fellow Assembly Republicans in a video highlighting their personal experiences with pre-existing conditions. You can watch the video here:

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