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Madison – Yesterday, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) announced state revenues will be $753 million higher than previously projected.

Representative Barbara Dittrich (R – Oconomowoc) joined her fellow Assembly Republican colleagues in sharing their plan to use this one-time fiscal boost to continue to grow the rainy day fund and either pay down our state debt or give it back to the people via tax relief.

“Time and again, Legislative Republicans have proved that due to sound fiscal management, we are moving our state forward in the right direction. It’s important to continue to give back the taxpayers’ hard earned money. Even according to previous projections, our state is in great fiscal shape. Now, given these updated estimates, I am even more committed to ensuring that these revenues are used in a way that will be best for our taxpayers, not on a spending spree as proposed by the governor that would create an unsustainable hole for years to come. We should be seeking to find ways to further help the people of Wisconsin instead of saddling them with a Doyle-sized spending deficit in the state budget” shared Rep. Dittrich.

Currently, the Joint Finance Committee is working on individual budget proposals as part of the overall budget. Once completed the committee finishes their work, the bill will be put before the State Senate and Assembly for a vote before heading to the Governor.

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