Rep. David Crowley

Representative David Crowley (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement in response to Governor Evers’ first State of the State Address:

“For the first time in a long time, I am encouraged by our state’s executive branch. Governor Evers made a promise to the people of Wisconsin in his inaugural address two weeks ago: he would get to work. And he has done so.

“He has already begun improving the state of healthcare in Wisconsin, taking steps to ensure coverage for all Wisconsinites. He has enacted protections for state workers, ensuring that all employees are treated respectfully and fairly. And he has appointed the most diverse cabinet that our state’s executive branch has ever seen.

“There is much more to be done, though. As Gov. Evers said, we must continue working together to make sure there is bright future for all children in in the state, and increase funding in our public schools. We must fight to expand Medicaid, and make sure there is affordable healthcare available to all who need it. And we must work together: there is never a more important time to put aside partisan bickering than in a divided government.

“I was especially pleased by Governor Evers’ recognition of the issues unique to people of color in our state. For too long, we have had one of the largest racial discrepancies in the nation. I am eager to take on the task of addressing these issues with a far more willing participant in the Office of the Governor than we have seen in some time. In my capacity as Chair of the Milwaukee Delegation, I have already requested a meeting to begin this important work.

“The people of Wisconsin have spoken, and they will not find a better listener than Governor Evers. We must find ways to make our state work for everyone, and make the most of this fresh start for Wisconsin. I am confident that the Governor will do so, and I am hopeful that the state of the state will be even stronger in years to come.”

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