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Despite Republican intransigence over Black History Month Resolution, Kaepernick deserves recognition

MILWAUKEE – In response to yesterday’s shameful act of political theater by Assembly Republicans over the Wisconsin Legislative Black Caucus’ proposed Black History Month Resolution, Rep. Jonathan Brostoff (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement:

“While my Republican colleagues were willing to throw the legislative equivalent of a temper-tantrum over the inclusion of Colin Kaepernick in the original Black History Month Resolution circulated yesterday, I think it is more appropriate to hold Colin Kaepernick up as an example for not just activists, but for the people of Wisconsin in general. In the face of constant personal attacks and professional blacklisting, Kaepernick has shown true strength by standing up for what is right and working tirelessly on behalf of those in need.”

Kaepernick, born in Milwaukee, has remained a devoted supporter of civil rights causes despite vocal, continued opposition from those who have unilaterally branded him “unpatriotic.” Over the past few years, Kaepernick has famously donated over $1 million to various rights-based and community charities–including a $25,000 donation to Milwaukee’s own Urban Underground youth program–and has founded a free “Know Your Rights Camp,” dedicated to advancing education, empowering youth, and teaching young people how to properly interact with law enforcement.

“In the long tradition of Black athlete/activists including Jack Johnson, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, and many others, Kaepernick shows us that those who have a platform can and should use it to speak out on behalf of the oppressed. Unfortunately, Kaepernick finds himself today being demonized by the same types of people who demonized countless Black activists before him. Just as Muhammad Ali was banned from boxing for a time for his political views and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was called unpatriotic for his criticisms of the US government, Kaepernick faces constant criticism for doing the right thing.”

“Instead of being pushed aside for being ‘divisive,’ Colin Kaepernick deserves to be raised up and recognized not only as a great Wisconsinite, but as a great American.”

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