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MADISON — Rep. Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) highlights Assembly Republicans support for
criminal justice reform initiatives in the Weekly Radio Address.

I’m State Representative Mark Born.

This week my Assembly Republican colleagues joined together across the state to announce our support for initiatives that will strengthen our criminal justice system. Our goal with these policies is simple: we need to be smart, but tough on crime.

Assembly Republicans announced support for quicker access to a fair trial. We want people
spending less time in jail waiting for their day in court. We will do this by increasing funding and positions to the different parts of our criminal justice system: including our prosecutors, our public defenders, and our court appointed attorneys.

We also support expanding programs that divert individuals suffering from alcohol or drug
abuse from prison, and put them on the quicker path to recovery. These programs have a proven track record for getting individuals into the treatment they need, and successfully keeping them out of our institution.

Roughly 95% of individuals locked up in prison will eventually be released. That’s why we want to promote successful transition back into society through expanded worker training programs. We also support initiatives that make sure that as individuals re-enter back into the community, they can successfully continue their health care routines and treatment plans.

We want to invest in the retention of our critically important correctional officers who have the responsibility of keeping our institutions safe. We recognize that we are facing a shortage of correctional officers, and will work to identify policies that will retain them in our workforce.

By outlining these priorities now, we are highlighting our commitment to strengthening our
criminal justice system. Assembly Republicans promise to continue to lead on issues important to families across Wisconsin, including making sure our communities are safe and secure.

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