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Madison – Rep. Born joined his Assembly Republican colleagues to call on Governor Evers to include a number of criminal justice initiatives in his upcoming budget. Lawmakers came together at six locations across the state to outline their priorities for the upcoming budget. Joining Rep. Born in Madison was Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg.

“Today we presented Governor Evers with a number of initiatives that we are willing to work with him on that will improve our criminal justice system from start to finish,” said Rep. Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam). “We call on Governor Evers to include these in his upcoming budget.”

Included in their priorities were measures to ensure quicker access to a fair trial. This includes funding to provide additional Assistant District Attorney (ADA) positions across the state, increase pay for ADA’s and State Public Defenders (SPD), and raising the private bar rate for county court appointments and SPD appointments.

“The Wisconsin District Attorney’s Association is deeply grateful for the work and commitment of Speaker Vos, Rep. Born and the entire State Assembly in supporting the criminal justice needs of Wisconsin Citizens through the improvements to the Courts, the State Public Defender’s Office and District Attorney’s Offices across the State by this initiative,” said Kurt Klomberg, Dodge County District Attorney.

Rep. Born also called for an expansion of programs that help offenders who suffer from alcohol and drug abuse. These programs divert an individual from jail or prison, with the expectation that they complete treatment for their addiction. He also supports initiatives that promote the successful transition back into society through expanded worker training, reentry programs and health initiatives.

“Governor Evers campaigned on the goal to cut our state’s prison population in half. With nearly 66% of the population being violent offenders, Assembly Republicans know this is unrealistic and unsafe for our communities,” said Born. “That’s why we’re proposing a number of initiatives that we hope the Governor can support in order to improve our system, without releasing violent offenders into the community.”

Rep. Born looks forward to working with Governor Evers on these criminal justice initiatives.

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