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Grafton – Circuit Court Judge Joe Voiland announced today that he will support Steve
Cain to succeed him as judge in Ozaukee County, where he has served for the past five

Through his first five years on the bench, Judge Voiland heard nearly five thousand
cases and not one of his decisions was reversed on appeal.* Judge Voiland started the
area’s only dedicated drug court program, where drug addicts facing drug charges are
monitored 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a week and offered the hope of recovery. The
program is privately funded.

Judge Voiland also is a disabled Gulf War veteran, member of the American Legion and
the Iraq-Afghanistan Veterans of America. He has continued to manage a full slate of
cases while undergoing treatment at the Milwaukee V.A. Medical Center. He will be
taking additional medical leave as he completes his treatment. He issued the following

“Our founders insisted that ‘We are a government of laws, and not of men.’ In absolute
governments the King is the law, but in free countries the Law is king, and no one else.
Every decision I made as judge is based on this principle. Despite what the fake news
media at the Journal-Sentinel and the Ozaukee Press write, my decisions in nearly
5,000 cases over the past five years have stood the test of time and have stood up on
review and appeal. Judges are to apply the law ‘as it is written, and not as they wish it to
be.’ These words in Latin — ‘Jus dire non Jus dare’ — are inscribed above the bench at
the historic Ozaukee County Courthouse. Most have forgotten what they even mean. I
will remain active in the fight to keep them alive.”

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly issued the following statement:
“I extend my gratitude to Judge Joe Voiland for his service on the court. His careful
attention to the law, and his commitment to the rule of law, have benefited both the
people of Ozaukee County and the court as an institution. Furthermore, I am pleased
that Steve Cain has chosen to pursue a position on the Ozaukee County Circuit
Court. Through his service as a municipal court judge, he has already demonstrated
that he is a very capable jurist who will faithfully apply the law as written. Along with
Judge Voiland, I look forward to welcoming him to the bench.”


Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley issued the following statement:
“Judge Voiland has served the people of Ozaukee County as a Circuit Court Judge with
utmost integrity and respect for the rule of law. Through his longstanding commitment
to public service, first as a veteran of the United States Navy and most recently as a
member of the Wisconsin judiciary, Judge Voiland faithfully protected the citizens of our
nation as well as his own community. I am grateful to Judge Voiland for his service on
the bench.”

* Two decisions were reversed on a temporary basis, and later reinstated upon full review.
For information on Judge Voiland’s full time drug monitoring program, see the Fox 6 News Story at

For information on Gulf War illnesses, see

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