Contact: Sarah Smith, [email protected]

The State Treasurer announced its 2019 distributions from the School Trust Fund that will benefit all public school libraries and technology.

WISCONSIN DELLS- Today, State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski presented the impressive 2019 distribution of the Common School Fund to State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor. As a result of smart investment strategies, the Common School Fund will provide $36.2 million to Wisconsin public schools. This is a significant distribution that will benefit K-12 public school libraries. 92% of school libraries are solely funded from the Common School Fund each year — making this funding vital to public education.

Treasurer Godlewski stated, “As Chair of this agency, it’s my top priority to ensure strong financial returns that support over a million school children around the state. This funding allows local librarians to purchase needed books and technology while relieving the burden on property taxpayers.”

Established in 1848 in the Wisconsin Constitution, the Common School Fund is the state’s permanent endowment that benefits public education. To date, the fund is worth over $1 billion. Wisconsin is the only state in the country that has a fund dedicated to resourcing public school libraries.

Treasurer Godlewski shared her goals for the Common School Fund which included increasing financial returns through win-win investment strategies, optimizing the agency’s land base to provide additional revenue streams, and promoting the use and visibility of the State Trust Fund Loan program.

Treasurer Godlewski continued, “As a graduate of Wisconsin public schools and the daughter of two school teachers, it’s an honor to lead such an important agency. I’m committed to public schools and believe our kids are most successful when they have the resources necessary to learn and grow.”

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