Rep. David Crowley

The Milwaukee Democratic Legislative Caucus made the following statement regarding the proposed creation of the Redistricting Advisory Commission within the nonpartisan Legislative Reference Bureau:

“This proposal is the only fair and equal way to ensure adequate representation of every voter in Wisconsin. For far too long, redistricting has been nothing more than a political tool that allows politicians to choose their voters, rather than the voters choosing their representatives.

“We must act now to ensure the future of fair elections in our state. Allowing the voice of the people to be heard through the electoral process is not only morally right, but the cornerstone of democracy.

“In the last election, Assembly Democrats got 54% of the total vote, but took only 36% of the seats. This rigged electoral process is indicative of a political party whose ideals have been rejected by the majority of voters, but are intent on clinging to power by any means necessary. We owe it to Wisconsin voters to unrig this system – for either side – once and for all.”

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