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Cell Phone: 414-659-3803
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MILWAUKEE — Pam Fendt, president of Milwaukee Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO

“An economy that works for all of us, healthier communities, more money for our kids and our schools, better roads and infrastructure–that is what the people of Wisconsin expect from us, and that is what the people of Wisconsin deserve.”

This refreshing statement from Governor Evers this evening bodes well for workers in Wisconsin.

We thank the Governor for sharing a message that communicates his understanding of what the working people of Wisconsin are experiencing. There is growth and employment taking place, but it is not evenly shared. Too many families are struggling to make ends meet.

We know unions help grow the middle class. We pledge to work with the new administration on policies and initiatives that help generate responsible growth; supporting economic development that creates meaningful employment and life-long careers. Success, as the Governor points out, will be measured by how well the residents of Wisconsin are “moving forward together.”

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