Donald Trump at March 29, 2016 rally in Janesville. Photo by Saiyna Bashir, The Capital Times

Voter support for impeaching and removing President Trump slipped among Wisconsin voters in the latest Marquette University Law School Poll.

Meanwhile, the head-to-head matchups in the presidential race shifted in the president’s favor compared to Marquette’s October polling.

Poll director Charles Franklin attributed the movement to Republicans rallying around Trump on both questions, while Dems were less unified about their nominees when paired with the president. For example, GOP opposition to impeachment went up to 94 percent from 92 percent in October. For Dems, 81 percent favor impeachment and removal, down from 88 percent in October.

Franklin added the numbers don’t show any differences in the enthusiasm or motivation by Democrats or Republicans.

“But we do see this difference in polarization and devotio to President Trump,” Franklin said.

Forty percent of registered voters in the most recent poll supported impeaching Trump and removing him from office, while 53 percent were opposed. Last month, that split was 44-51.

Fifty-two percent of registered voters surveyed said they believe Trump asked the Ukraine president to investigate his political rivals, while 29 percent said they didn’t and 18 percent didn’t know.

Forty-one percent believe Trump withheld military aid to pressure Ukraine’s president to investigate the president’s rivals, while 38 percent don’t and 21 percent don’t know.

Also, 42 percent believe the president did something seriously wrong, while 9 percent said his actions were wrong, but it wasn’t serious. Meanwhile, 38 percent said he didn’t do anything wrong and 11 percent weren’t sure.

The poll went into the field just as public testimony began before a House committee in the impeachment proceedings.

The poll also found the president’s numbers improving in head-to-head matchups with potential Dem rivals.

This month, 47 percent backed the president when paired with Joe Biden, who was at 44 percent. Last month, that was 50-44 in Biden’s favor, and he was up 9 points in August.

In October, 97 percent of Dems favored Biden over Trump, but that was down to 88 percent this month.

Against others:

*Trump was backed by 48 percent against Bernie Sanders, who was supported by 45 percent. Last month, it was 48-46 for Sanders after it was 48-44 for Sanders in August.

*Trump was backed by 48 percent when paired with Elizabeth Warren, who was backed by 43 percent. In October, it was 47-46 for Warren and in August it was 45-all.

*Trump was backed by 47 percent against Pete Buttigieg, who was at 39 percent. Last month, it was 45-43 for Trump.

In the race for the Dem nomination, Biden was the first choice among 30 percent of those who intend to vote in the party primary. That was largely unchanged from 31 percent in October.

Sanders was next at 17 percent, unchanged from the month before; Warren was at 15 percent after being at 24 percent in October, and Buttigieg was at 13 percent after being back by 7 percent in October.

Ten percent weren’t sure.

The poll of 801 registered voters was in the field Nov. 13-17 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points. In the Dem primary question, the margin of error was plus or minus 6.4 percentage points.

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