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Madison, Wis. – Madison Refugee Union (MRU) announces that it will host a rally calling for increased refugee admissions into the United States and an end to the local banning of refugee resettlement. The rally will be held at the Wisconsin State Capitol Building on December 8, 2019 at 2 p.m.

The Trump Administration has recently set the 2020 number for refugee admissions and it is the lowest in history. The administration has also declared a new executive order establishing unprecedented restrictions on resettlement. Politicians in states and counties across the country are now allowed to ban refugee resettlement in their communities. These policies are dividing families. Extremely limited admissions numbers are keeping some family members trapped in refugee camps abroad while other family members have already resettled in the United States.

Madison Refugee Union is fighting back against these unprecedented new policies. On December 8th Madison Refugee Union members will share how recent changes by the Trump Administration are dividing families and how the public can fight back against these policies. Madison Refugee Union will call for the immediate passage of the GRACE Act and the direct repeal of Executive Order 1388, preventing any presidential administration from setting refugee admissions below 95,000 annually and ending the local banning of refugee resettlement.

About Madison Refugee Union
Madison Refugee Union is a grassroots advocacy and mutual aid organization located in Madison, Wisconsin. The groups’ members are recently resettled refugees in the Madison area who feel passionately about advocating for refugee rights and giving back to their community.

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