OSHKOSH — U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson told attendees at the state GOP convention Friday night the party knows “exactly what we need to do moving forward” following the completion of the postmortem it conducted on last year’s losses.

The Oshkosh Republican said that includes providing more support to county parties and focusing on training efforts.

“This is really about charting the course for the future,” he said.

Some 300 people were expected to be in attendance during the first night of the weekend’s programming, held at the Oshkosh Weddings & Convention Center.

Johnson also addressed immigration, as he called for addressing the problems stemming from an “uncontrolled border.”

He also referenced “souvenir cups” he said he helped develop featuring graphs that depicted the number of unaccompanied children and families that were apprehended at the border or claimed asylum at ports.

Johnson joked he’d be passing the cups out to his colleagues in Washington, D.C., adding they “might actually be held onto and might make an impact.”

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