The Republican Party of Wisconsin’s Executive Committee today elected Andrew Hitt to lead the party as it looks to rebound from last fall’s losses in every statewide race on the ballot.

Hitt, who had been serving as the party’s first vice-chair, was elevated to interim chair last month after Brad Courtney stepped down after eight years at the helm of the party.

He was unopposed in seeking to fill the remainder of Courtney’s term, which will put him in position to lead the party through the 2020 elections.

Former state and national party Chair Reince Priebus said this is “a crucial time for Wisconsin Republicans, as our state could very well decide the next presidential election.” Priebus, who agreed to help the party do a postmortem on the results of the 2018 fall elections, said Hitt will bring a “fresh perspective” while staying “true to our mission of being a grassroots driven organization.”

Hitt, a partner and chief operating officer with Michael Best Strategies, was first elected to the party’s executive committee in 2016, when he became treasurer. He previously served in various roles with former Gov. Scott Walker’s administration, including deputy legal counsel.

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