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Rolls out prominent endorsement from former governor as momentum builds for campaign

[Juneau, WI] — Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald today announced that he had earned the endorsement of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the race for Wisconsin’s Fifth Congressional District. The high profile endorsement comes as the Fitzgerald campaign has been locking down support, with prominent conservatives from the fifth congressional district and throughout Wisconsin lining up in support of the Majority Leader.

“Scott Fitzgerald helped me take on the big government special interests and return power to the hard-working taxpayers,” said Governor Walker. “He will not be intimidated by anyone in Washington. He will be an outstanding Representative for the people of the 5th Congressional District. I am proud to endorse Scott Fitzgerald for Congress!”

Fitzgerald, a 25-year legislative veteran and longtime State Senate Majority Leader, celebrated this prominent endorsement as his candidacy in the Fifth Congressional district gains momentum coming out of a highly successful kickoff event earlier in the month.

“It is an incredible honor to have Governor Scott Walker’s support for my candidacy,” said Fitzgerald. “Scott and I stood side by side at the helm of Wisconsin government as tens of thousands of protesters and the national media descended on the State Capitol during the fight to pass Act 10. We worked hand in hand to advance countless conservative reforms and turn Wisconsin’s economy around, delivering $13 billion in tax relief and ensuring that the Badger State was open for business. Scott was a conservative champion for Wisconsin as Governor and continues to fight for those same conservative ideals of balanced budgets and responsible fiscal management through his work in the private sector. I’m humbled and extremely grateful to have his endorsement.”

Fitzgerald remains the only announced candidate in the primary contest as the field has continued to clear in recent weeks with area conservatives throwing their support behind the Fitzgerald campaign.

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