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BAY VIEW, MILWAUKEE — Today, with her husband Eduardo, son Rafael, and baby daughter Zoe at her side, Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic declared her candidacy for Alderwoman for the 14th District of the City of Milwaukee. The seat is expected to be vacated by sitting Alderman Tony Zielinski, who announced his intentions not to seek reelection last year.

Supervisor Dimitrijevic has represented her community for 15 years, elected as the youngest County Supervisor and serving as the youngest County Board Chair in Milwaukee’s history. Only the second woman to serve as chair of the Milwaukee County Board, Dimitrijevic is running to join the Milwaukee Common Council, a legislative body with 15 and only three women.

“I proudly support Marina Dimitrijevic for Alderwoman. We need more women and working mothers like myself elected to the Common Council in order to better represent our growing city. Marina and I worked closely together on the County Board on progressive policies to improve our county and I look forward to partnering with her when she joins us on the Common Council to move our city forward,” said Milwaukee Alderwoman Nikiya Dodd.

On Friday, Dimitrijevic made her announcement with family, friends, and supporters at Three Brothers Serbian Restaurant in Bay View, down the street from her own home.

“My elected experience representing District 14 residents combined with my neighborhood activism provide me with the strongest foundation to advocate for all of us at the city council,” said Supervisor Dimitrijevic. “As a mother with young children, I will fight for quality public schools, more funding for libraries, and safer streets.”

“Three Brothers Restaurant is a great example of what’s going on in Bay View. We can grow and change, while still preserving our history and character that makes us unique,” said Supervisor Dimitrijevic.

“Our neighborhood and city are at a crossroads-we want to develop and need to make sure everyone has a fair shot to succeed. As a fresh, new city councilwoman, I will work to build a better city by giving everyone a voice and a choice.”

Marina announced that to date she has already secured endorsements from elected officials at every level of government–school board, city, county, state, and federal–for her aldermanic run, and will be rolling out those endorsements in the coming months.

“We are excited to support Marina Dimitrijevic as our next Alderwoman. Her record is clear: she has consistently held our community to high standards, acting with vision and conscience. Through bold advocacy and policy, Marina exemplifies a spirit of public service which supports the needs of Milwaukee’s working people and families,” said Ryan and Becky Clancy, business owners of Bounce Milwaukee and District 14 residents.

“Marina understands and uplifts the voices of her constituents. We’ve been proud to be represented by her at the County level, and are confident that as our Alderwoman, she will continue to advocate for all Milwaukeeans.”

Marina has been elected to serve her south side neighborhood on the Milwaukee County Board since 2004, winning five consecutive elections. Her peers also elected her Chairwoman of the County Board and she has authored many legislative initiatives to improve our quality of life in Milwaukee in areas such as housing, environmental sustainability, and women’s health.

Supervisor Dimitrijevic has championed South Shore Park at the county and has fought successfully for its great revitalization including the South Shore Terrace, parking lot reconstruction, and beach improvements. Marina has been chosen repeatedly by the readers of the Shepherd Express as “Best Milwaukee County Supervisor.” She was named “Bay View Person of the Year” by the Interorganizational Council of Bay View.

Dimitrijevic holds a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from UW-Milwaukee and has served as the State Director of the Wisconsin Working Families Party, organizing on behalf of progressive policies and candidates since 2015.

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