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Other Wisconsin Food and Nutrition Programs Will Continue on Normal Schedule
The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) announced today that funding for March FoodShare benefits is available. FoodShare members will see their benefits on their QUEST cards, and be able to use them, on March 1, 2019.

Due to the recent federal government shutdown, February FoodShare benefits were issued early to members, on January 20, 2019. DHS is adjusting the March benefit schedule to minimize the length of time between February and March benefit issuance dates. A normal benefit issuance schedule would result in members receiving their benefits between March 2 and 15. Members who typically receive their benefits on the 15th of the month would have waited 54 days between benefit issuances, which would put a strain on families.

The benefit amount on members’ QUEST cards on March 1, 2019, will be the normal amount FoodShare members receive for the month, so they should budget and plan accordingly.

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