(MADISON, WI) — This weekend, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin set out to knock 50,000 doors a year out from the 2020 presidential election. Thousands of volunteers blanketed the state, communicating with infrequent, independent, and disgruntled Republican voters, breaking the goal that was set out for them.

“We knocked more doors this weekend then in the entirety of 2015 leading up to the 2016 election,” DPW Chair Ben Wikler said. “We haven’t stopped organizing since the year leading up to the 2018 election, when we saw our hard work payoff as we won every statewide election. We are continuing that work, making sure that voters know Donald Trump has broken his promises, leaving them with higher health care costs, stagnant wages, and a trade war that is crippling our farmers, manufacturers, and small businesses. We’re mobilizing every Wisconsin voter possible by ensuring they know they can’t afford four more years of Donald Trump in the White House.”

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